Notify Users of a downtime / update

I would like to notify my users of a downtime and/or update.
Any idea how to do that ?
Adding a text to the landingpage does not make sense as most of the users join direct to a room.

Maybe i can use some sort of notification like when somebody joins/leaves a room ?

And idea ?

@scotty welcome to the community!

Maybe the noticeMessage config option will serve your needs:


Yes, that seems to be what i was looking for.
Thank you very much !

I edited the config.js to

noticeMessage: ‘TEST’,

But i can not restart the service now. Therefor two qustions:

  1. Is this new message activated at once / no restart/reboot needed ?
  2. When / where will i see that message ( as i do not find it ) ?

Work perfekt ! Thanks !