Notification when participant joins

Hello, is there a configuration setting to notify moderator when a participant has joined the conference?

What do you mean?
All participants see a notification when participants joins.

Sorry, I mean mainly audio notification. A host might be early or participant late and a chime or bell might be helpful while waiting. Thanks.

There is also a sound notification when someone joins.

Can we enable notifications like hangout messages in Jitsi. Because it may the case that the user is not online and someone else joins the call so how can we notify the host that a a partcipant has joined ???

We already have notifications who joined:

this notification is displayed only when both the participants have joined, but what if one participant has joined the conference and the other participant has not joined the conference, So is it possible to notify him via a desktop notification that someone has joined the conference ??

It can, but needs to go over different channel. I mean if you use the iframe api in your app, you can achieve that, cause such notifications are out of the scope of jitsi-meet as there is no persistent connection open between client and server if you are not connected to a room.
We had implemented hooks so apps using jitsi-meet can implement such behavior, a calling behavior.

ok got it will check this. Thanks

Have you developed anything for this service? I too would like to know about the traffic in rooms I provide. I have a number of them going and usually am not present in them. It would be great if I could get a text or email notification when someone enters one of my rooms.

I am looking to disable the notification when a participant has left or entered the room from the jitsi api config overwrite or interface config overwrite. Something like partcipantLeftNotication = false; The noise is annoying especially with over 50 participants in a Church service connecting and reconnecting.

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The Sounds when someone is joining/leaving are very annoying.

My solution: Overwrite the original .wav files which contain these sounds with a very short, empty .wav.

I replaced
and restarted all jitsi components.

Now joining/leaving/messages are not disturbing a running conference!

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You Can User this code :
api.addEventListener("participantJoined", (data) => { console.log( data.displayName) });