Nothing work when click on "Add breakout room"

Hi all,

I updated the last version of jitsi meet on my server. I configure prosody in ordrer to use breakout rooms.
I imported all muc modules.
I configure my .cfg like that :

turncredentials_host = "{{HOSTNAME}}"
turncredentials_secret = "{{SECRET TURN}}";

turncredentials = {
  { type = "stun", host = "{{HOSTNAME}}", port = "443" },
  { type = "turn", host = "{{HOSTNAME}}", port = "443", transport = "udp" },
  { type = "turns", host = "{{HOSTNAME}}", port = "443", transport = "tcp" },

cross_domain_bosh = false;
consider_bosh_secure = true;

VirtualHost "{{HOSTNAME}}"
    authentication = "anonymous"
    ssl = {
        key = "{{KEY}}";
        certificate = "{{CERTIFICATE}}";
    modules_enabled = {
    c2s_require_encryption = false
    lobby_muc = "lobby.{{HOSTNAME}}"
    breakout_rooms_muc = "breakout.{{HOSTNAME}}"
    main_muc = "conference.{{HOSTNAME}}"

VirtualHost "auth.{{HOSTNAME}}"
    ssl = {
        key = "/var/lib/prosody/auth.key";
        certificate = "/var/lib/prosody/auth.crt";
    authentication = "internal_plain"

-- Hold the user account for the jibri chrome session.
VirtualHost "recorder.{{HOSTNAME}}"
  modules_enabled = {
  authentication = "internal_plain"

VirtualHost "videobridge.{{HOSTNAME}}"
  modules_enabled = {
  authentication = "internal_plain"

admins = { "focus@auth.{{HOSTNAME}}" }

Component "conference.{{HOSTNAME}}" "muc"
Component "focus.{{HOSTNAME}}" "client_proxy"
    target_address = "focus@auth.{{HOSTNAME}}"

-- Internal MUC required so that the jibri and videobridge clients can be discovered by Jicofo
-- in a MUC that's not externally accessible by jitsi meet users.
Component "internal.auth.{{HOSTNAME}}" "muc"
    modules_enabled = {
    -- storage = "null"
    muc_room_cache_size = 1000

Component "breakout.{{HOSTNAME}}" "muc"
    restrict_room_creation = true
    storage = "memory"
    modules_enabled = {
    admins = { "focus@auth.{{HOSTNAME}}" }
    muc_room_locking = false
    muc_room_default_public_jids = true

Component "lobby.{{HOSTNAME}}" "muc"
    storage = "memory"
    restrict_room_creation = true
    muc_room_locking = false
    muc_room_default_public_jids = true
    modules_enabled = {

No errors on logs

Can you change the authentication mode to jitsi-anoymous and try again? Also, what package versions do you have?

It’s not working
I’m using the last stable version you released


And about prosody :

[~]# prosodyctl about
Prosody 0.11.10

# Prosody directories
Data directory:     /var/lib/prosody
Config directory:   /etc/prosody
Source directory:   /usr/lib64/prosody
Plugin directories:

# Lua environment
Lua version:             	Lua 5.1

Lua module search paths:

Lua C module search paths:

LuaRocks:        	Not installed

# Network

Backend: select

# Lua module versions
lfs:     	LuaFileSystem 1.6.2
lxp:     	LuaExpat 1.3.0
socket:  	LuaSocket 3.0-rc1
ssl:     	1.0

is it really all there is in your conference component ? I have a lot more stuff in it.

    restrict_room_creation = true
    storage = "memory"
    modules_enabled = {
    admins = { "" }
    muc_room_locking = false
    muc_room_default_public_jids = true

When i’m clicking on the button, i can see request to prosody and this answser:

<body rid="2485814872" sid="b0eb0288-f698-4d34-8716-d40d0bba7d5f" xmlns=""><message to="" xmlns="jabber:client"><breakout_rooms subject="Salle annexe #3" type="features/breakout-rooms/add"/></message></body>

But no breakout rooms appear on the participants section

I hope this will can help you.



I used your configuration and nothing change

Can you install the admin_telnet module in your setup

VirtualHost "meet.yoururl.yourtld"
    modules_enabled = {
        (..skip your other modules...)

and run the following script after having restarted prosody and clicked on the breakout button:

DOMAIN=$(basename /etc/jitsi/meet/*.js | sed s/-config.js// )
netcat localhost 5582 <<EOF
> for k, v in hosts["conference.${DOMAIN}"].modules.muc.all_rooms() do; print(k); for bk,bv in pairs(k._data.breakout_rooms) do; print(bk); end ;  end

and post the result here of course.

[~]# netcat localhost 5582 <<EOF
> for k, v in hosts["conference.{{DOMAIN}}"].modules.muc.all_rooms() do print(k) for bk,bv in pairs(k._data.breakout_rooms) do print(bk) end;  end;
|                    ____                \   /     _
                    |  _ \ _ __ ___  ___  _-_   __| |_   _
                    | |_) | '__/ _ \/ __|/ _ \ / _` | | | |
                    |  __/| | | (_) \__ \ |_| | (_| | |_| |
                    |_|   |_|  \___/|___/\___/ \__,_|\__, |
                    A study in simplicity            |___/

| Welcome to the Prosody administration console. For a list of commands, type: help
| You may find more help on using this console in our online documentation at

| MUC room (testconference@conference.{{DOMAIN}})
| 59931ef0-8670-4737-8644-e239977d5cb2@breakout.{{DOMAIN}}
| Result: nil
| See you! :)

And nothing on the sidebar

Right, this confirms that the browser is driving the server (Prosody) correctly so it seems a UI problem.
Can you test with another browser ? If you use Chrome, setup Firefox or setup Chrome if you use Firefox and give it a try.

@avanhove @saghul @gpatel-fr

Same problem here. The “add breakout root” button does not work from a browser (latest FF, Chrome, Safari) but I can create the breakout rooms fine using the latest Jitsi App under my Ipad… so, IMHO it is not a functionality/configuration problem…

Tested under MacOS:

  • FF 95.0
  • Chrome 96.0.466493 (official)
  • Safari 14.1.2

Using latest jitsi official packages under Ubuntu 20.04.

We’ve made some important fixes which should be part of nightly already, any chance you can test that? A new stable release should follow shortly.

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Jitsi WEB: : 1.0.5656     Free licence Apache-2.0
Jitsi config : 1.0.5656           Free licence Apache-2.0
Jitsi tokens: : 1.0.5656          Free licence Apache-2.0
Jicofo : 1.0_830          Free licence Apache-2.0
Prosody:                  0.11.10         Free licence MIT

I installed this nightly version, and it doesn’t work…
We have the breakout with the admin_telnet
It’s a UI problem.
I’m on macOS and I have tested this feature on Chrome, FF, Safari.
I have also tested in Windows (same browser), and we have the same issue.



Why do you think it’s a UI problem?

When i’m clicking on ‘Add breakout room’:
Here my request :

Here the Response :

<body xmlns:stream ="" xmlns="" sid="1de93362-2e37-4863-bc67-95a8a0335569"><message xmlns="jabber:client" to="" from=""><json-message xmlns="">{"type":"breakout_rooms","rooms":{"cddb29c6-3d68-4bd5-8f1d-834e93fe8b81":{"participants":{},"jid":"","name":"Salle annexe 1","id":"cddb29c6-3d68-4bd5-8f1d-834e93fe8b81"},"62941af3-2a6a-424d-b8f2-4fe74ddaa566":{"participants":{},"jid":"","name":"Salle annexe #2","id":"62941af3-2a6a-424d-b8f2-4fe74ddaa566"},"unstable":{"id":"unstable","isMainRoom":true,"jid":"","participants":{"":{"jid":"","role":"moderator","displayName":"Alexis"}}}},"event":"features/breakout-rooms/update","roomCounter":2}</json-message></message></body>
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Not sure what the problem is :-/ is updated with the debian packages and I cannot reproduce that problem there…

@avanhove +1 IMHO, it seems browser interaction UX with lastest stable version. Can you try and compare responses?

On the other hand, using the iOS app let you create breakout-rooms properly and can be used by all connected users. But you cannot create them through any browser with latest stable…

@saghul Using it works! I can create breakoutrooms properly using browsers (FF v.95)…
By the way, I supose it was designed this way, but recording are not available inside the breakout rooms. Only in the “main” room, isn’t it?

Thank you for keeping the Jitsi project up!!!

Change this to admins = { "focus@meet.myurl.mytld" }

Corret, that’s a limitation for now, we’ll likely lift it in the future.

My JSON anwser when i’m clicking




Have you tried changing the admin line?