Not working toggleLobby in external_api.js

Hi, api.execute Command (‘toggle Lobby’, true); I’m adding the code but it doesn’t work. I checked the external api for this and could not find such a command in it. can you help me?

 grep -ir lobby -- * | grep -i api
modules/API/API.js:import { toggleLobbyMode } from '../../react/features/lobby/actions.web';
modules/API/API.js:        'toggle-lobby': isLobbyEnabled => {
modules/API/API.js:  ;
modules/API/external/external_api.js:    toggleLobby: 'toggle-lobby',

thanks but added script src=‘’> in index.html . I how to updated for externalApi.

it’s in the external_api.js file you linked to, click on it and search for Lobby.

I can’t find toogleLobby, how can I add it?