Not working on Android mobile

Not able to connect Room in Android mobile.

Are you using valid certificates for your deployment?

Yes. We do.
When we set any Room in our Desktop Browser and try to access it in Jitsi app on Android phone, it never connects.

On Android, we give URL in Settings Menu as our Domain Name and Room Name in Room Name area, but it never connects. Its keep disconnecting and reconnecting.

What about the fullchain of certs you can check it for example here

When you say desktop browser if you try with 3 tabs does it work?
Is your desktop and mobile in the same network?

Just gone through , we have enter domain and its saying misconfigured.
When we have paste our existing .crt file in the box …
We have received new .crt as “”.
Should we replace /etc/ssl/domainname.crt with this new .crt file?
Will it going solve our Android issue?

Not having intermediate certs will definitely cause problems on mobile. So you should fix that.

Hi Damencho

Adding intermediate certs, its working properly now on Android mobile.

Thanks a ton.