Not working for more than 2 Users

Hi all

We are trying to set up a jitsi meet server, however we strugle a little bit to get it working for more than 2 users. When more than 2 users are joining the server, audio and video drops.

Internal users are using the internal IPv4 adress (

external Users are connecting to the server by DirectAccess. This means that the connection is using IPv6. When pinging from direct Access, I get an IPv6 adress

However, doesnt matter waht I enter in the / It is not going to work.
Currently I have the following:

Any Ideas or maybe which log file can give me more detailed information?

Firewall, port forwarding?

Do I only need to forward Port 10000 to this server? I mea if people ae able to join the meeting but cannot use voie and video it looks more like a UDP problem and not a TCP issue.

According the documentation port 80tcp | port 443tcp | port 10000-20000udp

Which documentation? jvb uses single port udp 10000.

1 Like In this Video setup the Ports are documented

The following line need to be commented out to the file /etc/jitsi/videobridge/
And comment the existing .

Hi - very late reply but was struggling for a week with this: if you have webmin installed, even on another port, it kills the more that 2 users conference. I removed webmin and all is working fine now.