Not work for 3 or more

Hi i’m just new in jitsi , i installed that very easy with quick install and tnx about that.
I had a test server and could make a conference with more than 3 person without problem but now with my new server i can’t do that and just p2p connection is work.
I didn’t make any change compare with my past server so what is the problem?

Checkout advance section of the quick install guide.

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i go throw this and installed that once and that was worked fine
but on my new server i cant install that again
after the first install i saw that works fine so i bought a better server to handle more calls but that not work this time.
i checked advance but that just said to add that 2 lines which specify local and public ip
my public ip is the one which i request to and see the jitsi first page yeah ? and my local is ?

and also i cant uninstall that every time i face with this error E: Unable to locate package jitsi-meet-turnserver
while try to use the command that you wrote in install guide.

Finally fixed that thank you