Not sure how to get started

Hello, not sure if someone can assist me? When I go via the main website it tells me I can start a meeting straight away, but when I try this, it keeps asking me for a password? What am I doing wrong?
It’s probably an easy fix and I apologise in advance. Thanks so much. Best, M

Screenshot 2020-04-07 at 16.21.52

Use a different meeting name. Some are in use and password protected.

thank you, yes of course, that was silly of me, I used the meeting name ‘test’, indeed it works with other name, brilliant. I really appreciate the very fast response @Syonyk. Have a great day/evening. Best, M

this is something that irritated and still irritates me, too.
If I start a meeting with a name like “vidconf1” I probably have a couple of others world wide using the same name and we all end up in the same meeting (without a password). I’ve tried it with a different name. Why is a password not obligatory or why is there no other security measure to keep unwanted users out of my meeting?
We could read quite a bit about Zoom and it’s weak security in the press lately.

Best regards

If it’s “your” meeting, in the sense that you opened the room, you can set a password, and so exclude others.

If you run your own server, you can also set it so that only your registered users can start a meeting.

If, however, you want to use, you’d be better off generating a name which is less likely to be used by someone else — for example, using the in-built room name generator — rather than picking something pretty common.