Not showing multiple Vedio after joining meetings

executive unable to see any other person in video call apart from me. Please help.
when one or more person added the only showing 1st and 2 nd person Vedio and audio other person not working audio and Vedic

Check your firewall. Make sure all required ports are open and accessible. Check port 10000/UDP especially; make sure it’s open and properly forwarded if behind a NAT.

@Freddie Thanks For reply but in Xcode Where I check .please help

My problem in look like that image Any Solution Any One

Any One…Please Help…

Your issue is not very clear (to me, at least). Are you hosting your own server or just building from the ios SDK and trying to connect to the public instance at

Hi @Freddie Thanks for reply,
the meeting urls are generated by our backend team. And i use ios sdk to implement jitsi and use that url to join. But when that url is open on more than one device then only one user is visible with video other users video is not visible. Only moderator and one user’s video is visible.

Can you test with browsers on computers and even browsers on mobile clients and see if those work?

Hi @Freddie Thanks for reply,
yes i test it on browser. This issue is comes in ios sdk. When more then 2 users are connected then only moderator and first user’s video is visible on iPhone. Other user’s video is not visible.

@saghul , @Freddie