Not receiving remote TRACK_ADDED events from lib-jitsi-meet

We use lib-jitsi-meet for our custom client. We have depended on JitsiConferenceEvents.TRACK_ADDED for remote tracks to know what tracks are available for displaying.
We’ve noticed two recent changes around TRACK_ADDED events, which are breaking changes for our project. They are:

  1. TRACK_ADDED events for remote tracks are only emitted once per client, i.e. if the client removes the track and re-adds it, no events are emitted for other participants. Only the initial TRACK_ADDED event is received, and a TRACK_REMOVED event if the remote client leaves. (Sometime after version 7468)
  2. No TRACK_ADDED/TRACK_REMOVED are received at all for remote streams. (Sometime after version 7663)
    The documentation doesn’t seem to have changed accordingly. Can you explain the new mechanism by which we can implement the same functionality and why the changes have been made?

Ping @jallamsetty can we document this somewhere:?