Not receiving message from private chat

Good morning.

We had a working installation of jitsi meet and recently we upgrade to the last version of jitsi-meet (react web).

After that, we are facing some issues related to private messages. It appears that the senders sends property its message but the receiver never receives it. We did another installation from scratch and everything works fine, but I would like to know why upgrading it’s always a matter.

In the working installation:


  <body rid="4099189734" sid="8bd50211-5f13-4ee5-9bdd-0cf4cfd037ad" xmlns=""><message to="" type="chat" xmlns="jabber:client"><body>Tulais</body></message></body>


<body sid='8bd50211-5f13-4ee5-9bdd-0cf4cfd037ad' xmlns='' xmlns:stream=''></body>

In the one who is not working:


<body rid="1296014898" sid="9eb504b5-333e-4755-831a-07577f22ce4f" xmlns=""><message to="" type="chat" xmlns="jabber:client"><body>Hola</body></message></body>


<body xmlns:stream='' sid='9eb504b5-333e-4755-831a-07577f22ce4f' xmlns=''><iq id='91bbde8f-0d5a-45e4-9a66-30a0ffda7427:sendIQ' type='result' xmlns='jabber:client' from='' to=''/></body>

I can observe that in the failed one, it contains an extra iq tag. We are running prosody 11.4.x in both cases.

Thank you

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Actually, prosody logs shown that “mod_smacks.lua” was causing this problem:

What’s its purpose?

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