Not getting the order at which the Participant Tiles are shown in Tile View

I am currently trying to understand the order at which the participant tiles are shown in Tile View mode. Lets say that in one room five participants joined. The participant names are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Their order of joining the meeting is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 respectively. Now my question is that in which order the participant tiles will get rendered in the screen? Is it based on the order at which they joined or something else?

Thanks in advance!

By default first tile is local user , 2nd is active speaker which will keep changing depending on who is active speaker.
Then alphabetical order

OK, got it. Thanks a lot.

I got curious and looked it up in the source, AFAIU it’s done (mostly) in react/features/filmstrip. The full design seems complicated (an understatement). Your insight is coming from examining current behaviour I guess ? There don’t seem to be any documentation on this subject.

You are right, I have no idea of react. But if you look at html sourcecode when in conference you can see following with help of css

  1. localparticipant is always placed first
  2. dominant speaker
  3. Other tiles ( hopefully in alphabetical).
    I did not see yet what happens if someone raises hand, probably I think that will be placed after dominant speaker.
    I think it follows participant pane (I read somewhere in forum this is the way it is sorted)

Actually after doing a quick test on my test instance (unstable), I see indeed the local participant first, but I don’t see a reordering of the panes to follow the dominant speaker. That is, if the third pane becomes the dominant speaker, the blue rectangle goes around the video, but that’s all. It seems that the reordering is only done to effectively bring the speakers on screen if they are not already shown.

Check this setting in config file
enableThumbnailReordering: true,

I had checked it before posting this, I checked again to be sure this morning, same result. With a 3-way meeting the blue rectangles goes back and forth between the speakers but no reordering takes place. All this strikes a dim memory for me; I think I have sen somewhere someone complaining that this constant reordering was disturbing (and to be candid I’d agree it would be), so maybe someone got rid of it while I was not looking. I am not keen to browse the PR to find out if it’s correct.