Not getting Chat History file after enabling muc_mam

Hi. I have enabled muc_mam and added

muc_room_default_persistent = true
also, storage = internal

following this link
I am looking for chat files in the docker container. under /var/lib/prosody.
But that folder is empty.
Please help.

In the Docker setup Prosody data is stored in /config/data inside the container.

Thank you @saghul. got under /config/data. :grinning:.
But although not all recent meeting chats has been found. Is there any time interval to save in the container?
Also, one other thing? is the path is handled entirely by prosody or we can set any directory path chat saving path in mod_muc_mam.lua file?

Honestly, I don’t know. I have never used that module.

That path is the default prosody data path we configure for the Docker container. You could mount a volume in that location if you want it elsewhere.

Note that /config is mapped to your ~/.jitsi-meet-cfg directory by default, so you can find it in the host system too.

yes, also got here

		"Hello World";
		["attr"] = {};
		["name"] = "body";
			["attr"] = {
				["role"] = "participant";
				["jid"] = "xssczn_vhbinehrz@guest.xxxxx";
				["affiliation"] = "none";
			["name"] = "item";
		["attr"] = {
			["xmlns"] = "";
		["name"] = "x";
	["key"] = "b4G8oizU4oqMD_vI";
	["when"] = 1655812435;
	["attr"] = {
		["from"] = "test-6726-next-release@xxxxxxx/bb3f1666";
		["type"] = "groupchat";
		["stamp"] = "2022-06-21T11:53:55Z";
		["stamp_legacy"] = "20220621T11:53:55";
	["with"] = "message<groupchat";
	["name"] = "message";

This is the entry for the chat log after enabling muc_mam. Is there any way to organize this as more readable format? like which user has sent which sms in list formate and omit some unnecessary informaition. Also found that this format is not a valid json formate, so parsing would be a headache.

I would guess you can execute this as lua and this will be an object which you can play with and structure the way you like it.

ok. how to execute as lua, I mean need to change file extension to .lua and run in terminal?

lua thefile

Just run the file, looks like it is trying to execute but got error.

lua: archieve.lua:1: attempt to call a nil value (global 'item')
stack traceback:
	archieve.lua:1: in main chunk
	[C]: in ?

You need to define that method that will handle the item.
Search in google, you can include lua files one into another … you can write your script and just include that file at the end which will execute all the data.

thank you, let me try to execute and will ask here for further help :ok_hand: