Not Audio And Only grey Video

sorry, what you saying I am not understand. You mean to access the server, all servers in aws.

this version is not officially supported and well tested

it’s came with jitsi meet, if it’s problem i will install java 1.8 and test.

no luck after changed the java version 1.8, same issue

my jibri version is 8.0-14-g0ccc3f6-1, do we have same version or new version available?

Do you need one recorder or multiple recorders?
Is this a new Jitsi setup or are you trying to add a Jibri instance to an old setup?

i have two jitsi server one is old and one is new which i have installed today.
And one jibri server which version have shared.
old jitsi recording working means videos files have audio and video
but new jitsi recoded files no audio and no video

You may try the following installer:

These are for Debian 11 Bullseye

you want me to install jibr again?

I don’t want anything. I recommended:

jitsi + jibri again

i have installed new jitsi followed jitsi doc
Self-Hosting Guide - Debian/Ubuntu server · Jitsi Meet Handbook

I will try to setup new jibri server

I have created new jibri, now all working, so my jibri is old version, if any one using old version jibri and new jitsi, please update jibri. Thanks to all.