Not all settings shown on

Hi Jitsi-Team,

since the last update on I’m running into a problem: Not all options are shown, that can be configured. For example yesterday, I turned on the option “hide selfview” by clicking on my picture. But going to the settings menu, I cannot turn it back on. I also can’t switch languages for example. Also there seems to be a problem with recording and livestreaming, as these options are also not (always) shown in the menu. Could you look into that?

Greetings, Christoph.

Here are some screenshots for that matter:

I see it, probably you are disabling those from your config? What does that look like?

Maybe I have to clarify one thing: I’m not using Jaas - I’m using the normal website So I cannot deactivate anything in a config as I don’t have access to it.

Thanks, we’ll take a look.