Not all settings shown on

Hi Jitsi-Team,

since the last update on I’m running into a problem: Not all options are shown, that can be configured. For example yesterday, I turned on the option “hide selfview” by clicking on my picture. But going to the settings menu, I cannot turn it back on. I also can’t switch languages for example. Also there seems to be a problem with recording and livestreaming, as these options are also not (always) shown in the menu. Could you look into that?

Greetings, Christoph.

Here are some screenshots for that matter:

I see it, probably you are disabling those from your config? What does that look like?

Maybe I have to clarify one thing: I’m not using Jaas - I’m using the normal website So I cannot deactivate anything in a config as I don’t have access to it.

Thanks, we’ll take a look.

Is there anything new you found our? The problem still occurs.

I can no longer reproduce this, going into a random meeting does show the controls. How are you joining the meeting?

I’m joining my personal room by going to the Website, logging in and then clicking von “Start meeting”. It opens up my personal room - but as I set: Not with all options. I tried it on a different browser as well - same problem. I tried it with Vivaldi, Edge and Firefox. All face the same issue.

Ah, I see now. It’s hidden when accessing it from your space but it does show up when opening an unauthenticated meeting. Weird.

The problem seems to be solved. All options are shown now.

Yep, I tapped some shoulders and an update was pushed. Thanks for the report!