Not accessible through webapp

I have a server setup whose /etc/hosts file reads this: e2e-62-78 meet # one-contextd

To setup jitsi-meet server, I ssh into my server and then use the quick install guide. When I do apt install jitsi-meet it asks for hostname and then I enter my public IP listed above i.e. Now when installation is finished, I am not able to run the LetsEncrypt script as it says it cannot produce SSL for bare IP addresses.

So I continue without a SSL certficate. When I visit this IP on it displays a warning, I accept the risk and continue, and it is working fine.

I have setup this jitsi-meet server to use in a webapp. In my webapp there is a video cam icon, upon clicking we are redirected to this server i.e. When it opens I cannot turn on/off the camera.

Even I cannot access the mic

And when I do the same in firefox, I am not even able to open it.

However I am able to open it in chrome by enabling --unsafely-treat-insecure-origin-as-secure.

But none of the problem exists if I open the directly. Problem exists only if I try to access it using my webapp.
WIll you help me please?

Hi @DhruvAwasthi,

You have already mapped a DNS to this IP right? What do you see when you type “hostname” in terminal? Also, Are you using Jitsi IFrame API?