Not able to see participants video or able to hear audio since morning in jitsi meet

please let me know when can this issue be resolved facing lots of issue

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Where are you connecting from? Can you check to see what server you’re connected to when you start a meeting?

hey freddie sorry new here didnt new about tagging people the server we are using is this one

Yeah, I know you’re using I meant the actual server. If you check the connection stats of any participant during your meeting, you’ll see the server your meeting is on.

Screen Shot 2021-07-08 at 4.55.25 AM

Where are you located?

iam located in india

iam facing the same issue when i am taking live through jitsi meet app on playstore

We are experiencing the same problem in Europe (Spain). There is no sound in the room if there are more than two participants. Connected to eu-west-2

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We are working on it. Thanks for the report.

Users in North America (California, Louisiana) experiencing this problem now 8/8/21 at 6amPT/9amET

Thanks for the update damencho

we are using eu-west-2 and face the same issues when more than 2 people
we need urgent help.
my big worry is that it seems AP-South-1 also facing the same problem.

It is temporarily fixed and we are working with our cloud provider for permanent resolution.

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