Not able to log in as additional moderator when conference started


I use a self hosted, non dockerized, instance of Jitsi Meet on a Ubuntu 20.04.2 bare metal machine. Jitsi Meet is working wonderfully, however, I recently noticed an issue while trying to log in (through prosody) as a moderator while the conference is active.
I can enter my credentials through the menu in my profile, but I do not get granted moderator rights. In the dev console of my browser (Chrome/Edge), I can see that requests are made to /http-bind?room=undefined and not to the actual room name. The first log in to start the conference is working fine and grants the moderator rights properly however.
At first glance, I do not see any specific error in the logs. I am using the latest version (I think) of the jitsi-meet bundle (2.0.5870-1). It used to work fine in the previous versions, the only related post I could find where these ones : Problem with logging in with profile button and LDAP · Issue #1053 · jitsi/docker-jitsi-meet · GitHub & Login/Authentication not working while in active conference · Issue #9097 · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub.

What do you think ?



I seems to be the same with the last update (2.0.5963)…