Not able to hear audio, if more than 2 participant is in conference

Hello Guys,
Recently I configure Jitsi on AWS with the help of following steps

Every thing is fine, server configure correctly. We are able to start conference. But I found some issue here, and not getting why it so. Those issues are

  1. I start the conference and 1st participant join the conference all is good we can hear each other and video can be shared with each other, but when 3rd participant joined the conference we are not able to hear anything neither able to share video.

  2. We are not able to record the conference, as I did not found video recording option in tool bar.

  3. With above steps I configured the server, how many people can join the conference?

The stream or record, you need Jibri:

Regarding question 1, is the server fully reachable on a public IP?
It sounds to me like you may have installed the server in a LAN (behind NAT), and the 2 test users are on that same LAN and the 3rd person is connecting from another place?


It is installed on public IP. I have created one sub domain under my running website and its all public IP. All users are accessing the link from different locations.

Okay, that’s really strange then.
You’re sure there isn’t any kind of firewall in front of that server?
Does it also happen with another third person? Eg., does the problem occur when any 3th participant enters, or does it only happen with that specific person?
The person that causes the problem, if he and you enter the room together, can you then hear each other?

No nothing is their…

Any person who is join as third participant… nothing for any specific person.

Scenario : I started the conference, person A joined we can hear each other. But as soon as B joined conference no one can hear each others.
Vise versa, I started conference B joined first we hear each other but after A join the room no one hear each other.

So, it is not for any specific user.

Thanks! Then I am out of ideas at this time, but the additional details we have gathered might help someone else in answering this question.

The last resort I can think of, is completely clearing the VM and start with a fresh install of Debian 10 and set-up everything from scratch… But I hope someone else has another suggestion to try first!

Thanks.! For you valuable response, but installing every thing from scratch is the last option for me.
Till now I will wait for some other suggestions.

I have the same issue and have not been able to figure it out.

One of 100 threads where there is no response, no traction and utimately it will be closed as stale.

Seriously disappointing.

I am also facing exactly same issue and now I am planning to move from Jitsi to Openmeet - just giving up. Not worth the time and hassel.

If the Admin and moderators care to run and support Jitsi, they need to be more active on the community.

Thx: Rav

me too. I’m hours and hours searching for a solution (Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, fresh installation, no other service in this server) … and reading tons of forumpostings … nothing at all …

I have the same problem. I am suspecting p2p having something to do with it, because I believe when a 3rd participants joins, the server switches off p2p. There might be a problem there.

– Edit:
Just tried switching off p2p entirely and while the issue seems to occur less frequently, it still occurs. Either when someone leaves or enters.