Not able to create user through backend


We have installed jitsi Meet. I am able to go to URL and create new room. If i go to new created room then it ask for authetication and i am not able to understand which authentication need to be given over there. Could someone please help.


What type of authentication did you configure?

while creating new room for example testing, if we go to that room it ask for username and password i am not able to understand what to add in that username password after which it given connection timeout error

@deeksha, it sounds like you have secure domain wrongly set up for guests. Looks like a mix up in authentication requirement - instead of implementing authentication for registered users, you’ve implemented it for guests.

getting following error:
root@meeting:~# prosodyctl register test $ testing@123
The given hostname does not exist in the config
while creating uer. Could you please help how to resolve this step by step.please as soon as possible

If you customized anything in your prosody config, remove them and use the original config