Noobie Question: How many conferences can a single JVB hold

Hello and thank you for reading. I have a question on a simple aspect. I feel like this is obvious, but I’m super new and not getting a direct answer from web searches or forum readings here.

Question: How many conferences can a single JVB hold? Again, I am new, sorry if this question is as too basic. I just haven’t found a source yet that says “a single JVB can hold one conference only” or otherwise. Most information is about how many users can fit in a single conference. I am hoping to find how many conferences a single JVB can hold.

Context: Could have as many as 200 conferences at a time with two to four people in the session at a time. I don’t mind using mutliple shards since I imagine that one JVB won’t be enough. I would hate to read for certain that I would need 200 JVBs over X number of shards to handle this task.

Thank you for whatever informatin you can provide. My guess was that a single JVB could only hold one conference. If someone could confirm that I would be most appreciative.

Thank you.

This basically depends on the size of the conferences and on the number of senders. And of course, this depends and on the size of the machine hosting the jvb. But a safe number will be 300-500 participants per bridge. But this doesn’t matter actually if you configure to autoscale bridges when your pool of bridges becomes stressed.

A single bridge can handle many conferences. Again size of machine and size of the conferences and number of senders. but you can assume a bridge can handle let’s say 100 conferences with 4 people.

Fantastic! Thank you for your response. This is great news. I was hoping to maybe host maybe 200-250 conferences at a time with on average 3 users at a time.

I’ve been reading and watching to learn more about autoscaling, but will have to continue doing so. I was thinking 2 video bridges would be more than enough. I would like to save where I can though.

Thank you again!

What size machine does this assume for the JVB?