Nonprofit - Questions About License and Usage

First off, my thanks goes to the developers of Jitsi for creating such a powerful video conferencing tool and making it open source. I work for a nonprofit mental healthcare agency. We are about to go into a phase where our patients can’t come to see us so we are scrambling to find a way to still give care to our patients remotely and I think Jitsi is going to be perfect. At this point, I’ve built our own Jitsi server and testing is looking good. Now I’m considering building both the Android and iOS apps from source and adding some branding so our patients trust that it is safe for them to use. It would also be nice to change the default server URL to our in house Jitsi server. My question is am I allowed to do this and publish the apps the app stores under the current license? If this is an allowed use, would building these apps from source to change their name, default server, and logo be incredibly difficult for someone that has never done mobile development? I have done quite a bit of C# dev. Thank you for any guidance on this.