Noisy notification with Debian or Ubuntu and webcam Logitech C615

Hello friends.
I start have a problem with my Logitech Webcam C615 when I use a jitsy meet.

The problem only starts appear random during a meet, and consists on a very noisy and growing sound, it seems like a eco sound like if I start to increase the button of microfone with a “pi” sound very high then the sound reduces and starts work well, then at any moment the problem returns in any time that I talk.

I cant understand what option or what I need to do.
The camera works very well with my recorded videos in any case I have this type of problem, only have the problem on jitsy.
The camera is new only have it since a few months.


Check the CPU usage during the meeting

maybe you could have 2 sound sources and it’s a larsen effect ?

I dont think that is cpu, but maybe is it.
Larsen effect - I dont know what this mean.

For the test I use one computer beside the other to see why jitsy show this message and then I confirm that it’s really on the pc of the guest user (receiver) to the call the sound have this problem randomly.
But I do this test because in other and previous video-conferences people say to me the problem of sound, so I confirm this.

If the problem is the cpu what can be the solution ?
Maybe some command to limit the use of ram or else ?

The computer that I use the camera as emitter is a HP SFF 7900 with 8GB RAM is a core duo he works ver y well and never have lag on the videoconferences or ether works in software.


To be sure, you can test it out with an audio-only conference and see what happens

Ok I will do this.


I already test an audio only conference and the problem still happen.

using 2 computers side by side seems a very good approach for generating Larsen effects indeed.

Thanks for the info I will test this and see if the problem is because pcs are near.