Noise problem in Jitsi on iOS devices

Hello Jitsi community, I am hosting a Jitsi meet server of my own. But when you join the conference with iOS mobile devices, you hear a buzzing noise. Though, there is no such problem with Android devices while joining the conference.

I updated my Jitsi server to the latest but the problem still exists.

Can you test on and see if you experience the same behavior?

Hello Freddie, There is no such noise problem on with iOS devices.

In that case, perhaps comparing your config.js with that of would help.

Thanks for the link Freddie. I don’t think there is a problem with my own hosted jitsi server’s conf. It’s weird that the Android phone works well without any noise problem. But it’s only with iOS devices as iPhones.

But if you’re not able to reproduce the issue on, then it’s clearly something in your environment. meet.jit is running the latest stable, which would be the same version you’re running, per your post.

I’m assuming you’re joining through the mobile browsers, not the apps, right?

Yes, you are correct, Freddie. I am using the mobile browsers and it has noise issues. The apps have no noise problem. I am using Ubuntu 20.04, I don’t know what could the problem be.

Right, it’s sounding like something to do with audio processing to me (noise suppression, echo cancellation e.t.c…). And those are browser features. That’s why I suggested comparing configs.

Maybe try using a fresh copy of the latest config.js and interface_config.js just to test?

Hello Freddie, Yes, I did try a fresh reinstall of the Jitsi meet. However, I found a weird thing in it. When I actually screen-locked the iOS device (iPhone), the noise was gone and there was no buzzing sound at all. But after a while, the buzzing sound came in. I tried this on multiple iOS devices.

And again, you don’t see this same behavior when you try a meeting on Do you have any customizations in your fresh installation? Did you purge all config files before reinstalling?

Sorry for the late Freddie but yes, I didn’t notice this behavior on meeting on And, I did install fresh installation purging the files. However, the noise now is much less compared to last time.