No waiting for host message. Straight to authentication required

Followed the guide to set up secure domain
One build worked ok, but my second build, a hosted VM has issue when opening a room jumps straight into authentication without waiting for host message…

Couple of error in the log files below, if they have something to do with it or not
Could someone please help suggest steps to resolve…

Prosody logs
general error No muc_component specified. No muc to operate on!

Oct 10 05:43:37 auth.0(:mydomain):limits_exception info Setting stanza size limits for focus@auth.(mydomain) to 10485760
Oct 10 05:43:39 s2sout55dce0529630 info Sending error replies for 1 queued stanzas because of failed outgoing connection to focus.

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This would suggest something missing in your prosody config.

Can you share your config? i.e. /etc/prosody/config.d/*.cfg.lua

my.domain.cfg.txt (5.3 KB)

I also updated the ssl crt and key files by uploading the new files to replace the old ones. Could this have something to do with the authentication sequence missing step issue?

found something
Component "focus.* client proxy was commented out by mistake

yup. that would cause issues. Good spot.

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Restarted services, but still has issue…

Any new error messages in prosody logs now that you fixed client_proxy for focus?

nothing new no

issue server…

Oct 10 05:43:37 auth.mydomain:limits_exception info Setting stanza size limits for focus@auth.mydomain to 10485760
|Oct 10 05:43:39 s2sout55dce0529630|info|Sending error replies for 1 queued stanzas because of failed outgoing connection to focus.mydomain|

Good server has

Oct 10 02:48:10 auth.2nd.domain:limits_exception info Setting stanza size limits for jvb@auth.2nd.domain to 10485760
Oct 10 06:52:28 mod_bosh info New BOSH session, assigned it sid ‘645eb6c8-8215-447d-9266-e6c5eb998e3c’
Oct 10 06:52:28 bosh645eb6c8-8215-447d-9266-e6c5eb998e3c info Authenticated as 9ae6c84e-d523-47dd-b83c-51318d33dccb@guest.2nd.domain
Oct 10 07:15:25 bosh645eb6c8-8215-447d-9266-e6c5eb998e3c info BOSH client disconnected: session close

Any errors in jicofo logs?

Maybe share your jicofo.conf as well?

P.S. I don’t really use secure domain so I can’t immediately tell what’s going on here. I’m just stabbing in the dark.

jicofo_Domain.log.txt (5.3 KB)
You’re not worried about open server room on the web or you’re not public?

I’m afraid I cannot infer much from your jicofo logs. That looks like a snippet from when you restarted prosody and Jicofo temporarily lost connection. How do logs look like when someone attempts to join a room?

This seems consistent with prosody not being able to forward requests to Jicofo.

Perhaps diff the prosody and jicofo config between your working host and the one that doesn’t work?

I use JWT auth.

only difference found – VirtualHost authentication = “internal_plain” was “internal_hashed” on the issue server, but has no effect, same outcome.
Might look at JWT. Is there a tutorial on that?

Strange. I’d have guess that “internal_hashed” would be the right thing to do. Are both your hosts running the same version of Jitsi?

no the server with issue is on a later version 2.0.7882-1 .as it was installed later . The ok server is running 2.07830-1

Sorry, but with no other errors in prosody/jicofo, I’m out of ideas. And I’m not currently in a position to spin up a host to try to repro.

Perhaps someone else with more experience with Secure Domain can help.

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Do you have the anonymousdomain in config.js?
Also is your jicofo.conf correctly setup for authentication?

Yes, both files mentioned look the same as on another working install
accept, var enableJaaS = true; was set to false in the config.js but makes no difference

Another thing you have to click twice to leave the meeting.
Once , the message “call terminated” appears but the window stays open and call button stays red,
twice, then the message “thankyou for using Jitsi” appears and the call window closes back to the splash page.

Might just have to try reinstalling…