No video with coturn

Hi, this is the situation /question:

Jitsi works well - but there is one participant behind a firewall. With this participant the video (audio) is missing.

Coturn was set exactly how it is described here: Setting up TURN · Jitsi Meet Handbook (implemented turn server on 443).

The participant behind the firewall still does not have video (with other participants still well) does pass the firewall with video - so: generally it works.

What could be the reason why my system does not pass the firewall?

I am not sure if coturn really works well - but closing port 10000/udp in the router does not have any effect on participants without firewall; they still get the video - so I guess coturn works, right?

Thanks for any advice :slight_smile:

To be sure, close coturn too

And if you publish TCP/5349 as turns port, this will be misleading