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Yes, clients does work on Firefox as well as Chrome. Only receives a certificate – Error when going in with the https-Protocol as part of the address, but does work when the address is rewritten by the server (address without https:// - prefix sent).
Not sure, which release status has and whether Nginx or Apache are used as front end. Both could make the difference. Obviuosly the OS and it’s detailed config may also have an impact - very difficult to locate the error without a detailed understanding of the xmpp - details as used in JITSI.
Assume it’s a config thing, but have no idea which part of the config, maybe bosh ?

Would appreciate when your experts could take a more detailed look at the situation - would help a lot to limit the areas for more detailed analysis.

Hello folks,
would appreciate an Info whether you believe you can provide more help in solving the issue. Can open an account for you to enable verification by your own experts, just need you to provide an eMail adress for sending the account details to. Mine is
Have to make a decision in the near future whether we believe we can get the current solution up and running or not and your input how long a solution may take would be a very important.
Kind regards