No video or audio on iOS app

Not sure what’s wrong mate, I really cannot reproduce that problem O_O

Finally managed to repro! Should hopefully be fixed soon.

@saghul Please share the respective problem cause and solution once done. Needed to integrate it with the old version of master. Thanks in advance.

I managed to work with jitsi old master by making package.json and package-lock.json package versions same as Jitsi latest master branch.

This is now fixed in master! Please pull, wipe your node_modules and reinstall just to be safe.

Hi Saghul,

With master , I am using generated lib-jitsi-meet(with my code changes) and the issue still exists(no audio or video) on ios.
Can you please share us solution for the problem, or code changes to understand the issue.


It was a dependencies problem. It has to do with how Babel transpiles some code. The proper fix hasn’t been done yet, this was a stopgap. It’s possible you are running into the same problem, but it’s very project specific.

Ok Saghul,
Thanks for your reply.

I found a work around. But its not recommended. Till we found the solution you can do like this.

you can either copy package.json/node_modules file from your old working copy to existing work copy and build. It will work.

@Saghul, we are waiting for the proper fix. Please update us when you fix this issue.