No video or audio on iOS app

Hi all,

We setup a jitsi-meet server on aws with latest source and it is working flawlessly on browsers. Now we want to compile mobile apps for both android and ios. We successfully compiled Android app and run on simulator. But compiled ios app from recent source connects to session but cannot send or receive any video or audio. Please see attached images for reference. We tried this on to eliminate any server side configuration issues. So we just downloaded the jitsi-meet’s recent repo (commit e0563a7). Did all steps for compiling in ios mentioned in the guide and just changed the signing team info and bundle identifier. We tested this on a iOS 13 iPhoneX device and several simulators but it is all same. We are compiling this on macOS Catalina Version 10.15.4 with Xcode Version 11.4. iPhone X os version is 13.3.

Any help would be appreciated

Same issue. Chrome browser works on android and PC but android and iOS apps won’t stay connected to our server. Can open multiple tabs of chrome with no issues. Using nginx and the bundled turnserver to only allow 80 and 443 through our firewall. Mobile apps show connected icon for a few seconds then go connection lost BUT they still show connected and mute icons appear for video and audio if they are pressed in the mobile app. You can see these appear/disappear in the chrome tabs meeting. Something with the turn isn’t being liked by mobile apps. SSL chain should be fine as it’s all setup with let’s encrypt by the install scripts when installing jitsi meet.

Same problem for us. No audio/video in jitsi-meet app iPAD12 while with browsers it works perfectly.

It is working only :

  • in p2p mode
  • on iPAD12 (and not on iOS even if same jitsi build)
  • config server: https://myjitsiserver
  • room : jitsi-meet/myroomname

On Android and iOS you get an immediate deconnection

Same problem here. Jitsi-meet version 2.0.4548-1

Only issues with iOS…

Please do a test in p2p (2 participants) and with videobridge (3 or more participants), you could get differents results