no video, no audio from internet

hello friends, I bring the following situation, so please help mr. I have already set up Jitsi in my work, everything works fine on the LAN, but when I do it from the WAN I can access the initial page, start a room with user and password validation, but neither audio nor video is enabled, which does not happen in the LAN. An example: .- From the same office, everything works correctly, validation, audio, video, that is, it does its job. .- A video call from the office to the home of a worker, the latter enters the Jitsi page, but neither of the two ends sees the camera and the audio. we pass through a balancer f5, to the outside. What do you recommend me to solve this that I ask you? Thanks again and I await your comments and possible solutions. Thank you

Check your firewall to make sure required ports are not blocked. Check port 10000/UDP especially - make sure it’s open and properly forwarded behind your NAT.

Thanks Freddie for your time, I want to ask you the following question about a question I have. port 10000, only needed on the server side? In other words, if a video is made from office A where the Jitsi server is to another office B and they have port 10000 blocked, does that influence the connection or is it indifferent? client side doesn’t that port matter? is it only for the server side? thanks again for the guidance and help

It’s important on the client side as a well. If port 10000/UDP is blocked in a client’s network, they will need a fallback to relay media and that’s when setting up a TURN server becomes a necessity.

I understand, do you have a page that you recommend that there is a guide on how to do it? your answers greatly appreciated

thanks for your help, I appreciate it very much friend