No video in meetings with mobile app (STUN/TURN issues?)

We see issues with a setup running with mobile apps.
Interestingly, we have 2 server setups based on 2 providers and domains.
One is working nicely, including turn configuration as a primary setup,
both based on a single separate instance, rather default setup, Ubuntu 18, jitsi meet, turnserver, prosody config.
The 1st server is working well, also in meetings between mobile and desktop.
The 2nd server shows a strange issue, all calls from mobile devices do not show video,
only audio for the participants. Both for 2 way or 4 way calls. 2 desktop, 2 mobile,
mobile video is nowhere shown only on the app preview, desktop all works fine.

We were searching through all configs and logs and suspect the turnserver configuration,
and maybe a relation to any ISP based firewall, although the configs are the same.

Any idea how to track these issues and where to look?
turn_… log, syslog, … webrtc-internals…



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Unfortunately, I have the same problem.

We found this to be related to the ISP - we were using 1&1 / Ionos, and surprisingly changing the server provider helped, everything is working now. Maybe some providers so some additional packet filtering?