No video for some users (audio is working well)

Good morning community.

We are facing some issues related to video streaming with some clients. They can enable their mic properly and their stats shows that they have a good connectivity (green icon). But after enabling their camera, stats shows “Lost” state (gray icon) and no video is shown to other participants (despite this they can continue speaking).

If we run webrtc test, it throws the following warnings:

{"ts":1596235399866,"name":"test-run","id":16,"args":{"info":"Gathered candidate of Type: srflx Protocol: udp Address: 189.XXX.XXX.XXX"}},
{"ts":1596235404784,"name":"test-run","id":16,"args":{"warning":"Could not connect using reflexive candidates, likely due to the network environment/configuration."}},

We are using google stun servers. No turn server enabled.

I just want to know if this maybe related to ICE connectivity problems or anything else.

Thank you very much.


Hello @alan_tulais were you able to find a solution to this? We have seen the same behavior and the only way to recover is for them to refresh the browser. This of course is not good. Any suggestions.