No video device


I have installed Jitsi Desktop on a Windows PC to see the video from my ip-doorbell. The app connects as a sip-client very well to my router and I can talk to the doorbell.
But I cannot see anything, because I cannot connect to the camera. The doorbell delivers a stream at “http://local-ip/video.mjpg”.
In the settings I find under video-camera a “no device”, but I cannot change this.

Is there a chance to connect to my camera?


You are about Jitsi Desktop → Menu → Tools → Options → Video. Those settings are for a camera attached to your computer. With that, you could send a video to your telephony partner, from yourself.

Does your doorbell support H.264? You have to look into the Logs (Advanced → Logging → Archive Logs) with the app Wireshark, wether your doorbell offers H.264 beside your mentioned Motion JPEG (MJPG) stream. In Wireshark, filter for ‘sdp’. By the way, do you use the latest stable release (currently 2.10)?