No video at IM Videochat

Hello together,

the use of jitsi desktop as instant messenger inside LAN with two notebooks is fully operating. If switched to video chat, one of them has no video, but connection with sound is established and chat screen is presented .


  • both notebooks with build in webcam working fine during meet.jitsi webmeeting at public server
  • both notebooks have different XMPP accounts and work well during IM

Notebook 1

  • MINT 19.3 “Cinnamon”
  • jitsi 2.10 unstable* loaded from website

*unstable to prevent “Avantar” hangup during startup when installed on Ubuntu 18 based distribution

Notebook 2

  • LMDE3 “Cinnamon”
  • jitsi 2.10 stable loaded from website

Notebook 1 shows no video under “settings” and also no video when video chat out of IM is established.
Notebook 2 has fully video operation anyway

In other words, youn can chat, then start video chat. Connection will be enabled, sound is established on both clients but notebook 1:

  • shows not the selfview on the local machine video chat screen
  • shows not the cam’s view of the other client (notebook 2) on the local machine’s video chat screen
  • send no video signal to the other client (notebook 2)

Notebook 2 shows itself’s video monitoring and the “Placehoder-Avantar” of notebook 1 in the video chat screen. So far, everything “normal”

Both jitsi desktop apps where local connetcted to: /dev/video0 , auto, 20 fps, RTP 256 kbit/s, vbr 128 kbit/s, H264

What is going on here??

BR weasel