No video and audio with more than 2 participants


I know that there are a few posts opened with tthis same issue. I had read and try all the workarounds, but I can’t make it work.

  • I changed my /etc/jitsi/videobridge/ file and comment the line and added the new 2 lines: (here is my internet public ip).
  • In my router, I opened the port 10000. I make different probes using the web and in another pc with linux (out of that net), nc -vz -u my.jitsi.server 10000 and UDP port is opened.

I upload my jvb.log with a fresh start and same log with a 3 participants call.
JVB Fresh start:
jvb.log.fresh.txt (6.7 KB)
JVB with a call: (48.6 KB)

Any help is wellcome!!


P.D. In the logs, I changed the public IP with X.X.X.X and the jitsy’s server Web address for a fake one.

I forgot, i have this ports open on the router:

Must I open the 4443?? I open my ports at the router via nat. And my server is not running any firewall, ufw is disabled


It was a configuration failure in my router!!!
When I opened port 10000 I did not realize that I opened it in the voice option and not the internet option… In the name of Goku, this days I am having really noob fails!!!

Thanks for all!!