No toolbar autohide in mobile browsers

I just realized, that the toolbar in mobile browsers (tested safari/ios and chrome/androíd) does only disappear on tap (the same applies to the remote thumbnails if you are not in tileview). It does not autohide, like in desktop browsers.
Did I miss a config option? Or is this intentional or a bug. Imho it should autohide just like on desktops.

It should auto-hide on tap when there are at least 2 participants. Is this not what you experience? Can you reproduce it on

Yes, it does hide on tap. But it does not autohide without tapping like on a computer, where it does hide itself.
I don’t see, why it should not autohide on mobile browsers, but maybe I am getting something wrong.

It does not auto-hide on touch devices. It mimics the behavior of the mobile app, which hides on tap.

Then please consider it as a suggestion. Real-Estate on mobile devices is quite precious. At least for our userbase, a wide range of non-tech people, I believe that it would be an improvement. They probably don’t find out for themselves, that tapping helps to improve their UI.

We used to do that before. It was bad, so we went back.

I don’t know, what exactly was bad. I can imagine unwanted side-effects (like tapping in tileview leads to unintentional focus on one participant etc.).
Maybe there are other solutions to fix these problems.
E.g. double-tap in order to prevent unintentional triggering of certain events, or offering autohide in mobile browsers as a config option or …

I myself would appreciate autohiding of the toolbar on mobile browsers, just my two cents.