No support for Jitsi Meet Electron

I can’t able to create or join any room from jitsi meet electron and no support till now.
Tried my own server also tried on my own build but still no success.

tried it just now, with my own server (quick install + authentication), complete fail - no connection at all, black screen.
With everything works. So it should work with at least.

well it’s open source, support with paid contract - there are businesses providing SAAS and support I guess, but github issues are not here for free support, it’s an exchange, the reporter provides a reproductible use case and the developers provide (hopefully) a fix, if there are resources available. Since you did not provide much in precisions there was absolutely no action. It’s not suprising.
So I’ll ask the obvious questions: if you connect with a supported browser (preferably Chrome or Chromium) does works ? does your own server works ? what are your settings when connecting to with Electron ?

Please have a look at this post: and see section Using it with your own Jitsi Meet installation. Eliminating the extra HTTP headers from nginx solved the issue for me.

I mean “Help” in know its open source community but looks like electron app community is dead. :sweat_smile: . i tried to embed in html, my own server and both are working in browser but not in electron app. i provided details in the github issues.

Ok, i’ll try to remove the header but it should have worked with