No sound when video is shared through Jitsi Meet conference

When I share a video through a Jitsi Meet conference by choosing the player from Application Window, the participants are able to see the video but not able to hear anything. In the sharing screen, there is not “Share audio” option for “Application window”. What am I missing here, how do I share a video with audio ?
Appreciate your inputs to fix this. I have tried with Chrome and Edge browsers.

The only easy way for now seems to be the “Share Youtube Video” feature.

Oh really ? That might not be a solid option that users would be happy with :frowning:

I agree many people want (and expect) this feature. I encourage you to file a Feature Request if you have the time and inclination, this will bring more attention to the issue and you can describe exactly what you wish was done.
There is no guarantee in terms of time and resources but other people will be able to contribute and advance this towards improving Jitsi Meet.

Thanks, I did that now.