No Sound - Unusable

Audio cannot be heard by more than 50% of participants. Also it keeps crashing.

This is completely broken and currently unusable.

We had to switch to Skype.

Fix or revert needed ASAP. Also please re-open the issues/bugs channel on GitHub - why have you closed it?

FAOD, it normally works fine. Clearly an update/commit (more than 6 hours ago) has broken something quite catastrophically and needs to be undone ASAP.

I’m assuming this is on Can you gather browser console logs from affected participants and share?

Yes it’s on, but too late now to gather any logs.

Though I will say that all participants were affected. At no time at all could someone speaking be heard by anyone. So totally unusable. And we went as far as testing our microphones with other software to confirm they were working.

To help debug, you can run another test meeting and if you experience the issue, gather and share the logs. Unless a bunch of unrelated users in unrelated meetings report the same issue, it’s hard to rule it as a Jitsi problem.

I can run one on my phone and another on my desktop PC. I did that earlier to confirm it was broken. It is currently truly and utterly broken. I maybe didn’t get as far as trying a different browser - Firefox is a stickler for standards, and I know the people the other end would have also been using Firefox.

Don’t have time now, will try tomorrow.

We had identified an issue with the infrastructure, a permanent fix is coming, for now, everything should be operational as normal.

Working perfectly fine today. Had 4 hour meeting with 6 participants. No problem at all.

No idea what the issue was yesterday but it seems to be resolved.

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Well thank you.

Please now fix all of your systems.