No sound on one side of Meet Conference with Jigasi

So you just don’t hear the jigasi participant now?

@damencho Yes, i still don’t hear jigasi participant on browser conference.

Ok, this is hard to debug. You can do the following:

  • Make sure this is enabled in your config jigasi/ at fb3b729739f879c3ca24d334349fbb8f869b8f9a · jitsi/jigasi · GitHub
  • Stop jigasi
  • Clear everything from /var/log/jitsi
  • Start jigasi
  • Start a Wireshark dump
  • Join the meeting from web (make sure it is not audio muted)
  • Dial in reproducing the issue
  • Send me here as private message or by email on damencho at jitsi dot org the wireshark dump and the content of /var/log/jitsi with all the files and folders.
    And I can try to look at it at the end of this week.

Thanks a lot. Just a question: Do you mean start a wireshark dump on my notebook?


Nope, on the jigasi machine. I mean a tcpdump so I can look at the incoming and outgoing traffic to jigasi and see the signalling in jigasi pcaps …

I sent you an email with the logs.
Just let me know if you received.


I got them, will let you know when I manage to take a look. Cheers

Are you really not hearing the mobile part or you are just checking the sound levels?

The sound levels use rtp header for detecting the audio levels and show them (rfc6464) if those are missing levels will not be shown. Your sip side needs to support analyzing the audio and adding the levels. I’m not aware whether Freeswitch supports this. We use voximplant where such a feature exists.


I am not hearing de mobile part.

Last weekend I was able to reinstall only Jitsi with jigasi and it works good. I can hear sounds in both ways. It works good as well.

Unfornately If I setup jibri together then the issue happens again.

I guess the issue is related with some conflict between jibri and jigasi process. Can you think what could it be? Any clues?



Not really … jigasi and jibri use the bridge connection and are normal clients from different machines in terms of the bridge and should not conflict each other …

Dear @damencho,

Is it possible to install just Jibri on another Virtual Machine?
I mean:
Vm1 - Jitsi + Jigasi
Vm2 - Jibri pointing to Jitsi on VM1



Yes. This is actually the recommended option.

Thanks @Freddie!

Could you share some valid procedure to get it setup?



TUTORIAL - How to Install the NEW JIBRI