No sound from dial in users in Firefox

Hi there,

I just made a strange observation. If I dial in with my phone via Jigasi into a conference room, I cannot hear the phone user speaking, when I’m using Firefox. If I’m joining the conference via chromium everything works completely fine and I can hear the phone user speaking. I first thought this was only a codec issue with my self hosted jigasi configuration or voximplant, but the issue was also reproducible on

I tried this with Firefox 79.

Thanks for the report.

Hi, are there any news on this issue? It is still existing and I haven’t seen any actions on github regarding to this. Shall I open an issue in the jigasi repo?

J’ai testé Brave qui fonctionne là où Firefox ne fonctionne pas sous w10.
Et j’ai remarqué que l’appel tel est aussi sans son sous firefox linux, en utilisant l’appli jitsi linux, ça fonctionne

Hello, I’m using by use of e.g. a notebook with Linux Kubuntu 18.04 and Firefox 83.0 64Bit or Chromium 87.0.4280.66 and found the same error situation:

  • when calling into a meeting by landline phone where other participants use Firefox the phone caller can hear others but the Firefox users can NOT hear the phone user
  • same test with Chromium works fine, phone user can hear and is heared by others.

Will there be an error correction? Is someone working on this? Thanks for a short update!

This had been fixed in the latest version of jigasi. And is now deployed on

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Thanks very much for addressing this. Can I ask, is the latest version you are referring to the latest nightly version (v. 1.1-169) or the latest in stable (v. 1.1-166)? I have the latest stable version and still have this issue.


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Thank you. Very tempted to switch to nightly just to have that fix. But things have been really rock-solid in stable. How long do you think until it hits stable?

Not. Sure … Next week we will see about it

You tease! :grin:

Thanks very much.

Just got the update and can confirm Firefox is working perfectly to hear calls.

[Also great new interface with backgrounds, though backgrounds not working in Firefox only Chromium-based, but that’s utterly unimportant]

Thanks a lot!