No sound at one side while it looks working at the other

I am not sure if this is bug or not because I do not find any errors at all. The issue is another person in the room can’t hear my sound even icons or stats shown in jitsi meet looks working (green icon for audio, and when I said something, the volume values change), even every device requested by jitsi meets is allowed to use.


  1. I use Debian (kernel 5.18.0-2-rt-amd64) Firefox 103.0.2 (64-bit) login to

  2. Type in the user name, checking the audio icons noticing it’s displayed with message “Your microphone is working properly”

  3. In the conference room, click audio icon “^” allowing all devices.

  4. Click “^” checking the microphone that is in use having the green bar with its volume values changed when I am speaking

A temporarily solution is to switch using chromium - Version 103.0.5060.114 (Official Build) (64-bit); then audio problem goes away. However I mainly use Firefox instead of chromium. So I hope if this can be fixed if it’s not client issue; or if it’s something I can config at my side please let me know. Many thanks.

Are you sure the browser tab is not muted?

Right click to the browser tab to check it

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When try clicking Firefox tab, I do not see any volume icons shown as that in the link[1], though normally I can mute Youtube when it’s playing sound. And right now I do not have anyone who can help me test this. I will check again to see if this is the issue. Thanks for the advice!

[1]. Mute sound in Firefox tabs | Firefox Help

Just an update. I tried checking if its muted, but it is not. But even it’s not muted, there is still no sound - microphone is in green light, but other people in the meeting can’t hear any sound I say. Don’t know why.