No sharescreen button on Surface Pro 4 (Chrome)

A person which is using a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 has no sharescreen button, on Chrome. This is the second time we see this issue with this hardware, since 2 months.
(the problem is not that screen sharing is limited to fullscreen or something else. The problem is we can not access screenshare at all from GUI)
He is using a private jitsi instance (but no code customization) which has been used several hundred of times last week. (and screen share is fine)
Of course, it would be great to get some turn-around.
But we suspect the issue is coming from the OS itself (if the user goes to Edge instead of Chrome, the problem is the same). So if one dev can tell us in which case this button is hidden, that could help to report the issue to Microsoft. (some low level API info. Because, for now, if we report to Microsoft, they just say to report to Jitsi dev)
Best regards !

Another Surface Pro user here, though mine is older, an SP2. However the OS should be the same (Win 10, build 2004). Haven’t noticed jitsi UI lacking screenshare button, though I confess it’s not a feature I often use. Perhaps it’s a Chrome issue, but I haven’t noticed it using chromium-based browsers on my SP2. BTW, the current Edge version is now itself chromium-derived, so if using that version it may not be sufficiently distinct from Chrome to provide info about your problem.

Contrary to general opinion, Firefox has worked well for me with my mildly customized private jitsi server. Might be worth trying FF, AFAIK it’s the only major browser NOT based on the chromium engine so using it should rule out browser bugs vs. OS/hardware faults.

Hi J Altfas,
Thanks for your feed-back !
Unfortunately, my user is a corporate user and using another browser is not possible :frowning:
(and nearly 50% of the time I tried FF with my test server, video was black for other people)
This sharescreen issue has been reported on SP2 with google meet, which is using Chrome too (but I have no clue if it was an isolated issue or not)

Well… user send a pdf. So problem is over. But this is the second time a SP4 reported me such issue.
It is a bit weird…

Very interesting. I wonder if the problem doesn’t show up on third-party chromium-based browsers (like Brave, Vivaldi, Opera) vs. “official” Chrome itself. I’ve heard of the difficulties with FF such as you mention, but I haven’t seen them possibly because I’m using the most up-to-date “bleeding-edge” FF version. Now that you made me aware of the issue, I’ll have to pay more attention to the screenshare button and its functioning.


I’ve created a post but I think my question could be asked here. Sorry for the double inquiry.


I have a screensharing issue with the icon missing. I’ve been using for months without any problem, it worked like a charm, cam, sound and screensharing. Thanks by the way for this powerfull too. My config was and is still Trisquel 8.0 and Abrowser. I tried another visionconf webbased app today (talk on nextcloud) and it worked on Trisquel 8.0 and Abrowser.

any help welcome.