No recording in Linux app?

I’m on Ubuntu.
I don’t have Recording feature in Jitsi app.
No more with Jitsi meet in Firefox.
But I got it with Jitsi meet in Chromium.
Why ?

Welcome to the forum. now only supports client-side recording (Local Recording) and that’s only available primarily on Chrome and Chromium-based browsers.

Thanks Freddie.

And what about the Linux app ?

No, Local Recording is not available on the app either.

Will it be someday ?

Dropbox recording is also available if your server supports it. We have disabled that on

Browsers other than Chromium don’t support recording a tab, that’s why only Chromium is supported for local recordings.

The apps are built on Electron, which means we’d need to write Electron specific code for the recording. This is not currently on our roadmap, but it may happen.

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