No P2P mode on


We’ve tested various combinations of devices and experienced no audio/video issues.
iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPad – all with iOS 15.1
Android devices – os versions 9, 10, 11
Desktop – windows 10, chrome v97 (64-bit)

However, all the time the connections seem to use jvb as we see the following in connection details:

We’ve never seen p2p, which seem to be enabled if you look at
Is there any other place to look for a current config? Thanks!

I just tested on and everything works as expected.

Chromium (Chrome) <–> Brave (Chrome) ===>>> P2P
Brave (Chrome) <—> Android (Mobile Brave) ===>>> P2P

Looks like there’s something in your network that’s preventing P2P connection.

I’m sorry to raise a false alarm. Today we’re not seeing p2p in our self-hosted instance too.
Do you have any clues what might prevent p2p? Can you provide any hints on what to look for in console/logs? Thanks

Hello, it would be very helpful if you could answer the questions above or just send a link, if it was discussed before? Thanks!