No option to Record on Chrome or App

I have been recording my meetings up until now by starting the meeting on the Chrome desktop version (because the iOS app doesn’t let you record). Occasionally I saw the Start Recording option was missing on the desktop version, but this seemed to resolve if I closed and re-started the meeting, and then the option would be there. Unfortunately this no longer works and no matter what I do, there is no option to record.
For a very short while it was possible to Start Recording using the iOS app, but this option has also now disappeared. So I can no longer record my meetings, which I need to do for clients who are paying for them.
I’ve searched the forum but am unable to find any information - could someone please help me out with this?

Are you talking about your own Jitsi server or, I don’t have my own server

Dropbox recording is no longer available on, only local recording is. Unfortunately, that feature only works in Chrome.

Thanks. That’s a shame - makes things a lot more work and hassle for me. So now no recording is ever going to be possible on the app because you stopped using Dropbox :confused:

It’s still possible. You can subscribe to and you’ll have access to Dropbox recording. I think it makes the most sense for your case, especially since you have clients paying for your recordings. Plus you get an all the premium benefits of having the team help manage it for you.

Thanks Freddie, but as the small print states the pricing starts at $800/month that’s not viable.
Now I see that local recording isn’t possible either - it was when I checked last week. What’s happening please? I don’t want to be forced to go back to Zoom :confused:

Where did you read that? JaaS Dev is free for up to 25 MAU, with recordings costing $0.01/minute.


Not sure where that is, but this is the page you should be looking at: Jitsi as a Service – World's easiest way to add meetings to your apps