No more "recording has stopped" when a recording expires [solved]


I usually make a 10-minute recording to test performance whenever a new Chrome version is available (before upgrading in production), using a video from youtube. Usually there is some kind of expiration which makes the recording to stop if I’m the only person in the meeting. When this happens I hear “recording has stopped”.

But this does not seem to happen anymore using the most recent jitsi packages available since this week (our previous packages were at version 1.0.5415-1).

Is this normal/expected?


Does Jibri actually record though? Is a folder created with the mp4 and json?

Yes, the recording happens normally.

The only difference is that when the recording ends because it “expires” (not sure about the exact mechanism, I just know it happens after 10 minutes when I’m the only one in the room), I don’t hear the “recording has stopped” voice anymore. Hence my question. I’d like to know if this is normal and expected or it’s a bug. Thanks.

I’m not sure anything has changed in Jibri lately. You might want to look more towards Chrome. Perhaps try your previous Chrome version to confirm.

Sorry. This was a configuration issue on my side which is now fixed.

What was the misconfiguration? Good to share in case someone else runs into the same issue.

Sorry for the late reply. It was very subtle to be useful for anybody else, but since you ask, I will put it here anyway:

I was using the time restricted module from emrah:

When I upgraded to jitsi packages version 1.0.5764-1, there was a new section in the siteurl.cfg.lua for prosody (breakout rooms). My setting

conference_max_minutes = myvalue-which-was-around-23-hours

was in the new section, but not in the old section (the one starting with Component “conference”…)

Without this setting, the module default (10 minutes) was being used instead.

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