No more "recording has stopped" when a recording expires [solved]


I usually make a 10-minute recording to test performance whenever a new Chrome version is available (before upgrading in production), using a video from youtube. Usually there is some kind of expiration which makes the recording to stop if I’m the only person in the meeting. When this happens I hear “recording has stopped”.

But this does not seem to happen anymore using the most recent jitsi packages available since this week (our previous packages were at version 1.0.5415-1).

Is this normal/expected?


Does Jibri actually record though? Is a folder created with the mp4 and json?

Yes, the recording happens normally.

The only difference is that when the recording ends because it “expires” (not sure about the exact mechanism, I just know it happens after 10 minutes when I’m the only one in the room), I don’t hear the “recording has stopped” voice anymore. Hence my question. I’d like to know if this is normal and expected or it’s a bug. Thanks.

I’m not sure anything has changed in Jibri lately. You might want to look more towards Chrome. Perhaps try your previous Chrome version to confirm.

Sorry. This was a configuration issue on my side which is now fixed.

What was the misconfiguration? Good to share in case someone else runs into the same issue.