No media streams (neither video nor audio) works after standard installation

I run a self-hosted Jitsi installation and installed it from the Ubuntu repositories as described in the Self-Hosting Guide for Debian/Ubuntu .

Everything seems to work except for any media stream (neither video nor audio). All browsers have the permission to use the camera and microphone. But each user only sees its own video and in each user’s browser all other participants are shown as if they had disabled their video.

N.b.: Firewalling is completely disabled. Moreover I do not see any errors in /var/log/jitsi/jvb.log.

I assume it must be a completely trivial problem. By now, I have read the installation guide a dozen times, because I thought I might have skipped to set a config option like “enable media: yes” (or something like that). But I haven’t spot anything like that.

I just finished an installer which guides the user to prevent potensial issues.


@nagmat84 make sure ports are open and forwarded appropriately. Particularly, make sure port 10000/UDP is open and forwarded appropriately. I suspect you’re behind a NAT (likely a router), so make sure you have those ports open on your router as well, not just on the server. If you’ve confirmed that and you’re still having issues, take a look at the advanced section of the Quick Install Guide - Self-Hosting Guide - Debian/Ubuntu server · Jitsi Meet Handbook

If after all that you’re still having problems, consider starting over using @emrah’s installer; it will save you some headache.

I already have read all relevant articles and also had read [ Tip: How to check UDP/10000 connectivity](Tip: how to check UDP/10000 connectivity) first, before I wrote this post. The problem was not related to NATing.

I finally found the solution. Cause of the problem was the Jitsi Videobridge spanning too many processes which hit the system’s soft limit. The solution is described in Fresh install ==> OutOfMemory Execption and in Jitsi Meet unter Ubuntu 20.04 installieren.

However, I would call this a bug in the Debian/Ubuntu package. The deb-package should either install correct SystemD unit files which increase the soft limit for JVB or set the system-wide default for the soft limit correctly.

This is already the case jitsi-videobridge/jitsi-videobridge2.service at 6112079ee367dd4ec73bbe4a1f26134084897cc9 · jitsi/jitsi-videobridge · GitHub