No Language Detection?


Before everything, huge thanks to all jitsi team for amazing job.Respect :pray:t2:

I’m having problem with detection of languages. Basically my modified SDK(using latest version of jitsi-meet) does not recognize the system language of the iOS Device. If the phone language is English , I want jitsimeet in my app to be English and same for the other local languages.

  • Added my local language in BuiltinLanguages.native.js file(with the proper format like the others)
  • Changed LAN_DETECTION to “false”

But no change after a successful sdk build. I tried:

  • Cleaning XCode(11.4.1) build folder & derived data
  • Remove and re-add JitsiMeet.framework and WebRTC.framework
  • Restart computer, remove app from device, new build on device etc.

What should I do ? Am I missing something ? Please let me know. I would appreciate a help on this.

+1 I have the same problem, but with the standard languages provided with the SDK.

I am using it on a German device, but JitsiMeetView always opens in English.

What do we have to set (perhaps in Info.plist?) to get the SDK recognize the phone’s language setting?