No jibri Instance available

I have followed string up Jibri and Jitsi on same server. I have used AWS EC2 Instance Ubuntu 18.

Jitsi is seems to be running fine.

I have setup Jibri on same server, Recording option is visible. but when I click record its showing Issue.

I have also checked the log,
I got this

But Throwing connect timed out

Kind note : My Jitsi server is running on same instance ( is an example I have given)

Thanks in Advance, seeking for help.

@damencho can you please help out ?

'' failed because:<instance-ip> exception: connect timed out

Cannot connect to port 5222. Prosody is not listening there.

or a firewall

Running Jibri and Jitsi in same server.

setup prosody also by
prosodyctl register jibri jibri@abc
prosodyctl register recorder recorder@abc

hi @damencho
when I want to start recording I gave this error message. how can I fix it ?
jibri jibrierror

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